Darling Rose Classics is family owned and operated. Based in Bankstown, we service the Sydney metropolitan area. We emphasize on quality and service. Being in the service industry for over fifteen years we understand the importance of professionalism and customer satisfaction. We are accredited with NSW transport and fully insured for peace of mind and offer the finest in classic wedding car hire.

Selecting your transportation is just as important as choosing the flowers and the honeymoon, as you need to arrive with elegance and style.

We continually service and maintain our wedding vehicles so they remain reliable and of course stunning. Our Classic Jaguar Mark V wedding cars put the majestic touch to your fairytale wedding

Sir William Lyons “The seductive lines of the Jaguar Mark V catch the eye – and hold the lens – over long swept guards, the voluptuous curvature of the rear pillar and boot pressings. The tapered grace of the bonnet and the bold authority of the grille topped with the largest and most finely sculptured “leaper” the company ever made all combine to provide us with one of motoring’s enduring classics”.

Jaguar….Grace..Space..Pace was one of the best known advertising slogans used to describe the qualities of the Jaguar motor vehicle in the 1950’s.